Frequently Asked Audio Video Home Entertainment Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some of the questions we are asked frequently. If you don’t see any information pertaining to your question feel free to fill out the form to the right and we’ll get back to you in the order the form was received.

Yes. Rick is the owner of SWAT AV and performs all our consultations. He performs consultations for all types of projects including Audio/ Video, WiFi and Networking, Home Theater, Home Security, Lighting and Shade control jobs. Rick usually meets with the customer in their home. However, if it’s a simpler job a video phone consultation is always a possibility.

Yes. Our proposals are created with the information provided to us during the consultation. We then email the future client a detailed and itemized list right down to the parts and labor. We include the full scope of the job in the details so the client is aware of everything.

We try to simplify your current home AV System and integrate any new parts needed to accomplish your desired effect. In some cases it may be best to scrap your old components or system for more modern devices or systems. However we never push expensive equipment or whole home entertainment systems like Control 4 on anyone. It’s a very expensive system with extensive costs to maintain it and we dont give anyone what they don’t need or want. We live by our motto 100%, Simple Wiring of Advanced Technology. And our goal is to always KISS “Keep it Super Simple” for clients.

While it depends on the weight of the TV and whether or not there is an electric power outlet at the height of the TV, it typically takes between 2 – 3 hours to complete. Additional time if patching and painting is needed. It can also add time for adding Sound bars, Subwoofers or Surround Sound Speakers.

SWAT AV is a family owned and operated business and we treasure time with our family. Therefore, we work typical business hours from 9 am – 5 pm. Monday thru Friday.

Simply let Rick know at the time of your consultation you’d like us to handle the removal and disposal. We will incorporate that into the job description and include this service in the proposal. And because we care about the environment we take the old components and equipment to the nearest, qualified recycling center.

Yes. Our workmanship is guaranteed for 1 year. The separate components and equipment each have their own guaranteed time frames which differ depending on the specific manufacturer’s written guarantee or warranty. We also work with you to help to expedite the  process for any issues that may arise.

SWAT AV proudly calls North Potomac, MD home. We service the area within a 50 mile radius. However, we are willing to work outside of the 50 mile radius if it’s a job that makes sense for us.

We have tried this in the past at many different locations. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee that the signals are constant throughout the year. There are just too many situations that make it impossible to guarantee the signal will have a clear path to your antenna year round. The good news is new technology is making this a moot point. The solution we like best is subscribing to a service like YouTube TV and stream your local TV channels through a Roku or Apple TV.

Our labor rate is $150 per man hour. We clearly list how many technicians are needed for your job on the proposal. And, in most cases, we can provide a very close estimate for the total number of man hours needed for all the technicians.

You may also add tasks after your project has started. We simply add the additional time needed to perform the task as well as any new components, equipment or parts needed to a final reconciled invoice. 

Yes, we are a certified Lutron dealer and integration company.

Yes. However, it depends on the size of the room and especially the height of the ceiling.

Yes. SWAT AV is a proud SONOS Distributor. We have several local distributors who provide equipment for us in a very timely manner.

Yes. Once you accept the proposal we email you. Upon acceptance we will email you an invoice for any components, equipment or parts needded for your project. You have the options to pay that invoice online by bank withdrawal or credit card. After you’ve made the payment we order the parts and schedule an installation date and time convenient for you. After we set the project start date we also bill for labor at that time. You may pay that invoice through our Invoice2go system or mail a check. You may also contact us via phone and see what other arrangements are available.

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